So, I am going to start writing up some puzzles and notes for my own benefit. I hope it benefits you too.

Right now I am modifying the latex2wp program, making equations more appealing.

In a past life, I thought the “formal revolution” would change mathematics forever. Now I’m fairly convinced people don’t learn that way; people learn through nifty examples and concepts.

Well, that’s how I do it. So I’m typing up my notes using nifty examples and explanations, but mostly puzzles. Feel free to throw down a challenge 🙂

“He who seeks for methods without having a definite problem in mind
seeks in the most part in vain.”
— David Hilbert, Mathematical Problems (1902)

“Among other important things, Poincare explained, that only non interesting problems might be formulated unambiguously and solved completely. According to Poincare, one should rather try to understand, what may be changed in the problem formulation.”
— Vladmir Arnold, Polymathematics (1998)

“Exercises are some of the most difficult parts of a book to write. Since an exercise has very little context, ambiguity can be especially deadly; a bit of carefully chosen redundancy can be especially important. For this reason, exercises are also the hardest technical writing to translate to other languages.”
— Donald Knuth, Writing Mathematics (1987)

About Alex Nelson

I like math. I like programming. Most of all, I love puzzles.
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6 Responses to Hello…

  1. Yi Tang says:

    could you share with your modified latex2wp.py ?

  2. xlinefool says:

    Good morning Alex,
    could you include what you have modified or example how to use it?

    • Alex Nelson says:

      The only modifications I made were (1) changing the translation of an equation environment, using <span ...> to customize the equation placement; and (2) added a few macros to latex2wpstyle.py.

      You run it on the command line by python latex2wp [mytexfile.tex].

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