Meta: Higgs Boson

So, they discovered the Higgs Boson the other day.

I think I will ultimately get to discussing the Standard Model in mathematical detail. It would be awesome to discuss the classical Standard Model, then the quantum Standard Model.

I have already posted some (updated) Notes on Lie Groups, some notes on Fourier analysis, and some notes on Relativistic Quantum Mechanics.

Not to mention my Notes on Feynman Diagrams, focusing on the φ4 model and QED.

But in the short run (i.e., next couple weeks), I will be discussing:
(a) double and triple integrals,
(b) curls and divergences,
(c) changing coordinates and Jacobians,
(d) line integrals,
(e) Green’s theorem,
(f) Surface integrals,
and much, much more!


About Alex Nelson

I like math. I like programming. Most of all, I love puzzles.
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