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Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

1. Review. So we introduced some technique to figure out the area between a curve and the line . This was mildly complicated involving sums, partitions, and other exotic names. The question: can’t we do something simpler? The answer: yes…kind … Continue reading

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Antidifferentiation (Part 2: Indefinite Integration)

So last time we began discussing antiderivatives a bit. Lets continue discussing it more in this post. Example 1. Consider (1) What is its antiderivative? We recall the derivative of trigonometric functions tells us (2) This tells us that (3) … Continue reading

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Antidifferentiation (Part 1)

1. Derivatives Properties Review. Let be given. We recall the derivative (1) is defined by (2) We have several rules for differentiation: Power Rule: If , then ; Product Rule: We have ; Quotient Rule: We have ; Composition Rule: … Continue reading

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