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Euler and Puzzles

(A brief aside!) Euler’s Introduction to Algebra is translated and available online for the interested reader. A number of peculiar mathematical oriented programming puzzles are available at Project Euler. The interested reader should first peruse A Tutorial on Dynamic Programming, … Continue reading

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March of the Goblins

1. Problem Statement. So, Goblins live in the underground mining town of Moria. They sleep together in one giant communal bedroom, which has a single door to the great hall. To get to work, the bosses literally throw the sleeping … Continue reading

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Puzzle: Network Theory, Petri Nets

An interesting programming puzzle to chew on: look over John Baez’s posts on Network Theory. Learn some stuff on Petri nets (see also Azimuth project wiki on Petri nets!). Deterministic Petri nets appear to resemble some simple model of computation. … Continue reading

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